Friday, December 4, 2009

Grand Launch Giveaways Part 3...

On the ninth day of Christmas

the AS brought to me

nine dancing stencils
from Say What Stencils

Sheri & Hugh Hoeger of Say What Lettering Stencils have donated these beautiful Dance Stencils to the festivities. Put your favorite sayings on virtually any paintable surface! We can also custom make graphics, decorative designs and logos from your artwork, or create it for you!

SayWhat? Adhesive Masks are:

• Easy to Order... Design Your Own, or have us help you with your layout..
• Custom Made for a perfect fit every time!
• Versatile, with an unlimited choice of colors and shading, a huge range of sizes and fonts, and any layout imaginable!.
• Easy to Apply
• Guaranteed to give great results, or we replace it FREE!

SayWhat? looks better than stick on vinyl letters, is faster than alphabet stencils, and is surprisingly inexpensive. Our single use method allows the fully bridgeless style preferred by professionals.

On the tenth day of Christmas

the AS brought to me

Gary Lord's Mural Painting Secrets For Success Mural Painting Secrets
For Success: Expert Advice For Hobbyists And Pros
Mural Painting Secrets for Success will give readers the tools they need to paint fantastic murals following the latest trends, including holographic metallics, 3-D effect paints and stained concrete. In addition to the 23 step-by-step demonstrations, a gallery of more than 20 inspirational photos will serve as idea-starters for readers and their clients. Ambitious readers will be able to follow the authors expert advice on running a successful mural painting business including how to network and market, negotiate contracts and pricing and work effectively with clients. Contributing artists have offered their own advice and testimonials as additional inspiration.

Gary Lord is recognized as an international artist, teacher, author and television personality. From 2002-2006 Gary's work has won a total of seven National 1st Place Awards for Best Faux Finisher of the Year by the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America and by the American Painting Contractor. He also was named to the top spot by American Painting Contractor for Who's Who in Decorative Painting in America. Gary has been teaching his award winning finishes for over 20 years to thousands of students nationally and internationally. He believes by operating his own decorative painting business, Gary Lord Wall Options and Associates Inc., he can better share the real "tricks of the trade" and practical business knowledge he has gained in over 32 years with the students Gary and Christopher Lowellin each class. Gary is best known for his classes to be fun and energetic but taught in a kind and sharing manner.

On the eleventh day of Christmas

the AS brought to me

Take A Look Inside Stoney Brook Wallcovering
Stoney Brook utilizes over 25 years of professional faux and decorative painting experience to create this truly one-of-a-kind-wallcovering. Each order is thoroughly inspected to assure we are meeting the highest quality standards you have come to expect. We are focused on creating new colors and styles to stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends.

The Bella Vernici System was developed by a conglomerate of Artists and Concrete Contractors looking to create a system without limitations. Spearheaded by Art Director Rodney Ray, the result originally hit the floor running in 2001 on large-scale residential projects demanding more color integrity and design than concrete applicators dreamed possible.

On the twelfth day of Christmas

the AS brought to me

an AuraStone Workshop
($695 Cindy Federsen) &

a 6-piece Stencils by Design Sample Pack Set
($300 Todd & Lynn Cranor)

AuraTops I
In this 3 day interactive countertop workshop, each student will make 6 samples that use our proprietary materials, using spe­cial coloring techniques, glass, and natural minerals. You will also learn advanced techniques to replicate those sought after exotic stones and marbles as well as a variety of custom edges.

Cindy Feddersen is the distributor and instructor for Aurastone in the Chicago area. Cindy has been a professional faux finisher for 15 years. Her clients include several doctors, builders, and business professionals in the Fort Myers to Naples area in Florida.

Stencils by Design are one time stencil masking pattern. Call for a custom order or shop our store for sample border stencil sets. Our pre-made stencil sets are available for faux finishing schools and faux finishers looking to enhance their sample boards. If you have a school, store or are giving classes, Please call for special pricing. Todd and Lynn Cranor are the owners of Stencils by Design.

Please look at the following posts for days 1-8 and don't forget to leave a name suggestion for our mascot below...

Tomorrow is Day 1...


bobncindyandrews said...

WOW...what great gifts.."Say What???"...I need to know the "Lord's" Secrets for Mural Success!!!StoneyBrook...great wall covering!! I have never used Bella Vernici...but would love to do some samples!!! Auarstone......beautiful need to see it to believe it!!! Great "Stencils by Design" Would love to have any of the above!!!!!!!!!!

Moody Walls said...

Amazing Gifts!!!!!
Count me in!!!

Leisu said...

the Aurastone giveaway is the one I've asked Santa for! I would just explode into bits :D lol I'm so afraid I'm going to miss posting on that day :( !!!! :)

kriskuchavik said...

nice package