Thursday, November 12, 2009

REP Media Announces Online Magazine and Talk Show Launch...

This Press Release was issued today!!!

REP Media to launch Artistically Speaking an online magazine/talk show in November/December 2009.

Press Release–November 12, 2009 – REP Media announced today its plan to launch an Artistically Speaking Magazine and Talk Show in November and December 2009.

The vision of Artistically Speaking ( is to provide the decorative arts community with a platform to explore new ideas, techniques and creative options while embracing the life and lifestyle of the creative entrepreneur. The mission is simply: Artisan helping artisan. Craftsman helping craftsman. Forging a bond that will perpetuate the artform while bridging artistry, craftsmanship, lifestyle and business.

Artistically Speaking tagline reads, “Giving voice to a new generation of decorative artisans.” This will be accomplished with a unique mix of magazine, radio talk show and website created to be the leading online resource of contemporary decorative art and artisans.

Publisher Rebecca E. Parsons describes the unique platform designed to be a sensory creative experience, “Artistically Speaking has created an exciting new way to deliver our vision to the subscribers. First you have our blog…our daily voice. Updated 4-5 times each week with the latest news, photos, commentary and information for today's decorative artisan. Next you have the magazine…our visual voice. You are invited into the homes and studios of extraordinary artists within the articles written by and about them. We want the reader to know the personality and style of our featured artisans.” She exclaims with much excitement, “But the truly unique aspect of our plan is our Radio Talk Show...our actual voice. Readers will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak with those artists, as they become part of the interactive radio talk show. Thus the name delivers as promised–Artistically Speaking!”

The mainstay of Artistically Speaking is the Blog ( Updated daily with the latest news, photos, commentary and information for today's decorative artisan, the blog will explore our magazine content and features artisans in depth. It will show reference photos for decorative artisans, faux finishers and muralists, artists and craftspeople. Snippets from other Internet sites that feature decorative painting will be presented. It is the go-to place for ideas and inspiration.

The soul of Artistically Speaking magazine is foremost an educational vehicle that captures the unique lifestyle business of decorative artisans and craftsmen. The magazine will feature editorial from successful creative entrepreneurs and decorative artisans emphasizing their creative lives and lifestyles. It is directed at decorative artists, artisans/craftsmen and affiliated partners (i.e. Interior Design, Architects, galleries, etc.) at all levels of creative business throughout the world. The magazine is planned to run on a bi-monthly basis, with regular weekly updates to give advertisers maximum exposure and give the magazine team time to plan ahead and secure high quality features.

Artistically Speaking Radio ( is blend of lively conversation, cutting edge creative ideas and encouraging support with healthy doses of inspiration. It is an opportunity to speak with and hear the creative journeys of other artists, craftsmen and creative souls who are doing what they love and designing a lifestyle business that embraces their vision, goals and dreams. Each episode includes: artisan interview, business tips, product reviews, creative living ideas and much more. Listen and be inspired to live a creative life! The Radio Talk Show will be every other Saturday initially.

The speculation of the online magazine launch has created much interest and buzz within the decorative painting world. Many artisans and businesses are pre-booking features within the online magazine and spots on the radio show.

The ‘holding your breath’ planning stage is now complete as REP Publishing announces the magazine is ready to go live in late November with a 12 Days of Launch Party. There will be daily prizes, fabulous giveaways and exciting happenings.

The only question seems to be what and, perhaps more importantly, who will be appearing within the pages. Some of the high-profile artisans have been leaked, but we are afraid you will just have to watch the blog for more hints about the upcoming cover stories.

We are currently looking for a sponsor for the front cover of our first edition. To express your interest please contact us by email at We continue to search for inspirational stories and/or success stories about the lives and lifestyle business of creative people. If you have a story and wish to be featured contact us immediately.

UPDATE: this Press Release was made on 11/13/09

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