Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 1 GIVEAWAY The 12 Days of Artistically Speaking Grand Launch Hallapoloosa...

Today is Day 1... of the giveaways for:

The 12 Days of Artistically Speaking
Grand Launch Hallapoloosa

What better way to kick off this year's holiday season
than with a
Grand Launch Hallapoloosa!

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Day 1...The 12 Days of Artistically Speaking

Coach Parsons in a Pear Tree, ($3000)

Rebecca E. Parsons, Business-Creativity-Life mentor and coach to creative entrepreneurs worldwide, is offering a $3,000 value...once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get personal coaching for 6 months with Rebecca E. Parsons. Work together as you forge a plan

Are you ready for a change?
Do You Want More Time...Clients...Income...Joy?
Do You Desire to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business?

What you can expect of coaching with Rebecca:
  1. Flexibility & Creativity
  2. Undivided Attention & Support
  3. Savvy Interpersonal Skills
  4. Integrity
  5. Direct Talk and Tough Love
  6. Entrepreneurial Insight
Do you have any of the following?
  • unclear or out-sized expectations
  • no defined goals
  • a restless feeling
  • sleepless nights
  • continual procrastination
  • an unsettled, uneasy feeling about your life or
  • business
  • a feeling that something is of

We Offer Guidance for Creative Entrepreneurs and creative people who are forging a life and a business with the work of their hands...or want to.

Rebecca has been a Creative Entrepreneur for over 30 years.

"This is the outgrowth of my life's work as a teacher and mentor to thousands of creative businesspeople over the past 20 years," she says. "Let me guide you toward your career dreams and goals."
Coaching helps individuals grow and contribute fully to the success of their business and/or life. It provides continuous learning and develops people to meet current and future needs. Coaching is an investment that you make in developing your key resource, YOU! Done well, it is a collaborative process that benefits everyone.

Creative souls usually grow their business organically (by the seat of their pants). The passion and excitement of doing what you love becomes tempered by the frustration of working without structure and profits. Lack of discipline results in working harder and harder for less and less. I specialize in helping right-brained creative people define their business goals and create a business around their unique abilities and mind-set. Caring and nurturing support focusing on the business of being a creative person are the hallmarks of Rebecca’s success stories.

Rebecca says:

"My approach to business is a creative one, mastered throughout a successful 35-year career as a self-employed artist. In 1996 I began mentoring creative people who wanted to have a business that supported them while nurturing their creativity. My goal is to help you increase your profile while you grow, develop and enjoy your business. I offer ongoing mentoring and coaching on a flexible, cost effective contract basis. All Creative Entrepreneurs of any creative discipline are welcome: artists, artisans, craftspeople, writers, dancers, quilters, potters, woodworkers, singers, musicians, graphic and textile designers, architects, photographers, writers...all creative souls."

Comments from former coaching clients:

"Rebecca helped me work through some blocks that prevented me from moving forward in my business. This helped me in my business, but even better, it helped my life."

"I came into coaching expecting some airy-fairy stuff. I left with real life skills."

"Every time I start to slip back into old habits I hear Rebecca's voice, asking: 'Is this serving your dream?' "


Leisu said...

I would love this mentoring class with the ever AMAZING Rebecca.. seems like this is where I'm supposed to comment, but not really sure... hope I'm doing this right. :)

bobncindyandrews said...

After being in business for more than 15 years I feel that you never quit growing and learning how to make yourself and your business better. I would love to have Rebecca help me make my life and business better. I believe that everyone can learn to "Work smart not Hard"!!!!

Joyce said...

Being a totally right brained artist I am exactly as described above, trying to do this by the seat of my pants! Thank you Rebecca for offering this mentoring program someone is going to be a very lucky person. :)

katek1111 said...

Oh I hope I win----I hope this posts-LOL!!

liquidartdesign said...

This is great. I'd love the online demos from Method.

-Dan G.

cicalisa said...

I would love to have you coach me past the sticking points of business!!! Great giveaway.
Good Luck with your new venture here!

lynadawn said...

Rebecca- I constantly learn from just knowing and observing you--what an incredible gift to have one on one time for clarifying any new directione I might want to go with my biz

Moody Walls said...

Love, Love, Love your articles in the Faux Finisher...I too am one of those people that you discribed above...I'm just glad I'm not the only one!!! LOL

sass said...


krista said...

Oh how neat! Id love to have you all to myself! (and could really use some coaching)

patriciawtravis said...

You are amazing Rebecca! What a wonderful gift this would be!

ConnieC said...

This would indeed be a great treasure to possess.
In this highly competitive field, filled with talent, one could be overcome with self doubt and lose focus... Your ability to help someone get to the 'nitty gritty' as to why we balk when trying to move forward, is indispensable!
Talent, brains, compassion and humility are not always companions in the same Soul!You are the whole package my friend....

gary lord said...

I think you are the best business mind and anyone who wins this will come out way ahead.

alma said...

An artistic heart and a business mind, like two coaches for the price of one! I need you on my team!

Gena said...

Keeping my fingers crossed...this is exactly what my young business needs!

Jersey Girl said...

Awesome prize ... fingers & toes crossed!

Jersey Girl said...

Posting twice to win Rebecca's amazing guidance for 6 months! Wow, what a prize that would be.

Artistically Speaking is linked to my website:

Thanks to all that are generously donating and many thanks to Rebecca for creating such a unique and fun contest.

Happy Holidays Everyone,

Cynthia said...

I really want this!!!!!

Arthur said...

I would love to pick your brain on this, you would probably want to have a long rest after all the questions I have lol

Cherylkay said...

Oh, do I ever need coaching in business.......
I'm surprised I make any money at all in the end, lol!

Anonymous said...

Continued procrastination? lol.... I can't believe I get done what I get done - would be nice to have someone kicking me into shape!

icecrystal said...

I've just recently decided to get off the fence and go into business for myself... I am almost weeping with joy at the idea of winning Rebecca's gift!

Bob said...

I would love for Coach Parsons to help me....I need it!!!

teri said...

I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish for Rebecca's insight!

Gale said...

I want to win 'Coach Parson's in a Pear Tree' because I think Rebecca is one of the most artistically talented and outstanding mentors of our industry. To be coached by her would bring growth unimaginable to my artistic strength and my financial success in this new career which is beginning late in my life. Rebecca has the wherewithal to help me achieve my goals.

Thank-you Rebecca for always reinventing, recreating, and refreshing yourself and this industry. You pick people up when they're down, encouraging, nurturing, and you do it all with warmth, and caring. You're a sweetheart.

Magic Brush said...

I need all the help I can get!!!!!

Jersey Girl said...

Not sure if I can still post for this, but this is the prize I'm wishing to win.

... yes Santa, I've been good this year, lol!

Jersey Girl said...

I believe we're allowed two postings per day if we have the link on our website :D

Sure wish to win Coach Parson's guidance!!!

patty s said...

i need help big work with rebecca would be wonderful

kriskuchavik said...

I need need need this .
Santa please