Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 12 GIVEAWAY The 12 Days of Artistically Speaking Grand Launch Hallapoloosa

Today is Day 12... of the giveaways for:

On the twelfth day of Christmas
the AS brought to me
an AuraStone Workshop
($695 Cindy Federsen) &

a 6-piece Stencils by Design Sample Pack Set
($300 Todd & Lynn Cranor)

AuraTops I
In this 3 day interactive countertop workshop, each student will make 6 samples that use our proprietary materials, using spe­cial coloring techniques, glass, and natural minerals. You will also learn advanced techniques to replicate those sought after exotic stones and marbles as well as a variety of custom edges.

Cindy Feddersen is the distributor and instructor for Aurastone in the Chicago area. Cindy has been a professional faux finisher for 15 years. Her clients include several doctors, builders, and business professionals in the Fort Myers to Naples area in Florida.

Stencils by Design are one time stencil masking pattern. Call for a custom order or shop our store for sample border stencil sets. Our pre-made stencil sets are available for faux finishing schools and faux finishers looking to enhance their sample boards. If you have a school, store or are giving classes, Please call for special pricing. Todd and Lynn Cranor are the owners of Stencils by Design.

The 12 Days of Artistically Speaking
Grand Launch Hallapoloosa

What better way to kick off this year's holiday season
than with a
Grand Launch Hallapoloosa!

Announcing "The Twelve Days Of Artistically Speaking" decorative painting style! Beginning at midnight (EST)  December 5th and continuing until December 16th at midnight (EST), we will present extraordinary giveaways each and every day.

The fantastic loot (valued at approx. $10,000 so far) has been generously donated by talented artists, teachers, vendors and manufacturers. You will not believe the wondrous items they have donated to share with you!

Each of the next 12 days we will be giving you the details of the generous artisans and companies who are sponsoring the launch celebrations with their generous donations. Please say thank you to them when you order from the. This Grand Launch Hallapoloosa would be nothing without them!

Make sure you enter the Name the AS Mascot Contest below...

To Enter: Please read carefully!!!!
To enter YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT on the daily blog post featuring the giveaway item you want. There will be 1 item featured each day from12/5 thru 12/16. Please comment only once on any of the posts. You may comment at any time throughout the 12 days of Hallapoloosa until the December 16th at the stroke of midnight (EST).

A random number generator will pick the winner. ALL the winners will be announced on the 12/20/2009 6:30 PM episode of Artistically Speaking with Rebecca E. Parsons Talk Show and on the December 21st blog post. And there will be even more great giveaways...see below!!!


 click invitation to enlarge

The Artistically Speaking Magazine Grand Launch Cocktail Party
December 20, 2009 @ 6:30PM EST

Bring a glass of wine and join us
for fun, games, even more great giveaways
and much more...

In a chat format with a party vibe, we will celebrate!!! 

Winners of ALL the Giveaways will be announced!
Games will be played!
Details about the date the Magazine goes LIVE!!!

Artistically Speaking Talk Radio Show
More people and companies wanted to get in on the fun...

We have had many other donations since the festivities began
Therefore, we have even more to give away!!\

sooooooo....we continue to sing...

Modello Virtual Workshop, ($150 )
Proceed Glass beads ($90)

Faux Finisher Subscriptions
Stencils by Design Custom Stencil ($250)
4 AS Gallery Websites ($1000)
Custom Architexture TattooWall ($180)
Fauxy Painter Overalls ($38)
Fauxy Painter Hoody Sweatshirt ($29)

Victoria Larsen Medallion Stencil ($140)


Arlene Mcloughlin murals said...

great , great , great prize!!!!

Anonymous said...

could put this to GREAT use!

ConnieC said...

I haven't worked with Aura Stone yet, but have wanted to.. You can always use more stencils too!
Thanks for contributing these gifts..

alma said...

How exciting, an opportunity to try products I haven't used before!

Leisu said...

I would love to do aurastone!

patriciawtravis said...

These are wonderful! Aurastone is on my list of to do's, so this would be a great treat, and I love stencils! You've seen part of my collection.

sass said...

I have two bathroom tops that could use a litte "aura" as we speak!

Carla J Schuchman said...

Man, great prizes. Rebecca, what a great job you are doing. Love checking this out. I want the 12th day prizes. There i said it. Wonderful!

Deb M said...

Aurastone is the bomb. I finally got to see a sample yesterday and love it. I can not wait to learn more about this product. The stencil kit looks amazing too.

What amazing Christmas spirit to give away such great prizes.

Jane Drew said...

I saw the Aurastone booth at the PACE show in New Orleans and was blown away. I think that I met Cindy there as well...I'd love to take a class from her! And one can never have enough stencils...

Marti Mathes said...

Would love to take the aurastone class. It looks like a fabulous product. And the stencils are gorgeous.

Cherylkay said...

Oh My Gaaaaaaa! I so so so so want to do an Aurastone class!!! No one in Texas to give them!!! Oh, please! (just ask Dan, he knows!) Oh, and Kathy knows I heart her!

Karen Sabrsula said...

This seems to be an amazing product! I can't wait to learn more!!

cicalisa said...

I was just told about this class today! It's serendipitous!

Cynthia said...

I love Aurastone....get product!!!

icecrystal said...

OMG!!! Thanks for such amazing prizes!!!

Marti Mathes said...

Love all the products and workshops offered here.

kriskuchavik said...

terrific prizes

Bob said...

Aurastone and stencils...great combo!

teri said...

Such generous sponsors. Thanks Rebecca for all your hard work!
Just dreaming about all this stuff is inspiring...

Sasha Lassley-Hardie said...

Wow even nicer!

Magic Brush said...

Aurastone... sounds awesome!

Elena said...

Dear Santa:
I want Aurastone.
I have a 50 lbs bag of cookies and a gallon of milk for you.
Yours always,