Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentines with a Heart...

Valentines for Haiti
Hand Painted Valentines...Make a Donation!

Billet Collins are offering Valentines with a Heart...to support the help and rescue efforts in Haiti...100% of all proceeds go directly to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

Donation:  $10 for a set of six cards
While making our Valentines this year I had my mind on the disaster efforts in Haiti. There is so much devastation there that my donation seemed so small! But, I realized I had something to offer through my artwork so I made these cards for Haiti.

The design for the card was inspired by a traditional Haitian symbol for love which can be used for Valentine's Day, or simply as personal stationery. Each card is hand painted with Erzulie, the symbol of love, and printed on the back tells the story of how the donation for these cards will benefit the relief efforts in Haiti.
  from their newsletter
Not only will you make a $10 donation, you can also spread the word.  Each card includes a note that these were purchased as a donation for Haiti.

Order online at their blog or contact them directly at the studio.

301-670-5550         info@BilletCollins.com 

About Billet Collins
Billet Collins is a full service decorative painting company with a boutique philosophy. Our portfolio includes glazes and patterns, murals and faux woodgraining, floor patterns and hand painted fabrics.

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Kellie Hodges said...

Thanks so much for posting about our valentines for Haiti! They have been very rewarding for us to do, knowing that the money is going to help out in Haiti. Great blog and site, by the way. I'll definitely be back!