Monday, June 7, 2010

Artistically Speaking Rebranded

From Rebecca E. Parsons, Publisher/Editor-in-ChiefRebecca E. Parsons

WOW!!! The first few months of this very special publication… Cre8tive Compass, has been so fulfilling and rewarding for me personally and professionally. You may notice the new look and name...the AS magazine and blog have been rebranded...during my biz planning process and with the urging of the board of directors, i discovered that i wanted to go a completely different direction and launch a media company...i have a BIG vision... therefore, the magazine, blog and radio show have been rebranded to Cre8tive Compass (C8C)... although the radio show will remain Artistically Speaking/Cre8tive Compass Talk Show, giving voice to the creatively can find links to all of these below.

Cre8tive Compass better speaks to my vision which is 'showing artisans the way to make a living doing what they love.' It incorporates ALL of my new and previous work under one brand (Do What You Love book and workshops, Cre8Tiva's blog in Cre8Topia, my counseling, mentoring and coaching programs, Cre8tive Entrepreneur University, and especially the Cre8tive Compass Community i am co-creating that was founded in the spirit of collaboration not competition to honor the passion and vision of artisans and the creatively self-employed.) My life's body of work in essence. All of these entities are produced and published under my new business REP MEdia.

I know that I am on mission with creative entrepreneurs and working on purpose when you engage by writing a comment, subscribing to the magazine, inquiring about how to submit an article, listening to the radio show, but most of all when you spread the word by telling your friends and other creative business owners about Cre8tive Compass!!!

And you have been telling your friends. The number of visitors in increasing daily and the interaction is beginning to happen...we have over 600 subscribers to date. The radio show listeners are growing by leaps and bounds...with over 2000 downloads of our show to date!!! We were the 3rd most popular art show on blog talk radio the last week of March. Lyna and I are changing how creative entrepreneurs get their business and lifestyle information.

With Cre8tive Compass Magazine, Radio, Blog, and soon to be launched Community, Our Mission: Artisan helping artisan–Craftsman helping craftsman. Co-creating a community that emphasizes collaboration, not competition. Forging a bond that will perpetuate the artforms. Bridging the divide between artistry, craftsmanship, and business while promoting the concept of an artistic community, is being accomplished one step at a time! We promise to inform creative business owners about artistic principles, encourage interaction among artists as business people while enhancing their lives and their lifestyle. But it is nothing without YOU!!!

You have out full attention. Please let us know what you need and want from Cre8tive Compass. This is your publication, your radio show, your community. Please feel free to make yourself at home, visit often, leave a comment, participate in the contests and exhibits!

Our Vision: A commitment to be a platform to profile artists who are representing artistic vision in the marketplace who can both encourage and provide role models to other artists, craftsmen, and creative entrepreneurs. Please tell us how we can accomplish this by leaving a comment below or on any of the articles, columns, department pages, etc.

me at work in my bunny slippers with my faithful companion Sir Chancelot at my side
I love being able to work like this. As we embark on our mutual creative journey, I want you to know that this is YOUR magazine and it is fully interactive. I am just a channel for YOUR ideas, YOUR needs, and YOUR wants. I encourage YOU to be an active part of Cre8tive Compass. Join the discussions, leave comments, send ideas, write a review…stay connected by visiting regularly. And Please Spread the Word through Facebook, Twitter, a link to the magazine on your website or blog.

During the next few months Cre8tive Compass will be in a major Construction Phase with new features and stories, launching of departments, new columns and much more. Please check back often. And let me know what you want to see by leaving a comment below.

In Service to Your Dream!