Saturday, January 30, 2010

Artistically Speaking Talk Show...1/31/2010

Date/Time: 1/31/2010 @ 6:30 PM EST
Call-in Number: (347) 996-5698
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You do not want to miss this show!!! Beverly discusses her book Understanding Other People: The 5 Secrets to Human Behavior. The award-winning book is conversational, concise, wisdom rich, non-clinical, personal, easy-to-read and understand...a self-help book written for people who don't usually like "self-help" books. It provides must-know information for empowering anyone to be more successful.

How will this help you, the creative entrepreneur,  and your creative business? Learning why people act the way they do will help you sell more effectively and be a better leader and boss. Visit Beverly's Blog for great tips and suggestions.

Some big decorative artist issues we plan to discuss and how can Beverly's work help reach a better conclusion:
  • How can creative entrepreneurs communicate confidence when they are selling themselves (and their work) to a client?
  • When a client wants to cross your business boundaries and asks you to break your policy...the big one is sample boards...customers want to keep them. Then they show them to other painters and ask them to reproduce it for less. 
  • How do you ask for the commission/money? 
  • What can we do when a client wants more than we agreed to or we jusy cannot seem to please them? 
  • Dealing with difficult people. 
  • Best way to handle a client who doesn't want to pay after all is said and done- even if you have a contract. 
  • What do we need to do to improve our communication effectiveness overall? and so much more...  
The 5 secrets to understanding other people:
  1. It's all About me.
  2. Behavioral Styles come between us.
  3. Values speak louder than you do
  4. Don't assume I know what you mean
  5. I'm Okay; you are most definitely not okay
You will want to add this book to your business resources...Understanding Other People: The 5 Secrets to Human Behavior TODAY!!!! Click the name to buy the book. She also hosts a radio show on The Diva Toolbox called The Confident Coach.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog Masters Club Professional Blogger...

It's official...I am now a Blog Master. Well, you might say, "Rebecca you have been a Blog Master for years now." And I agree. I have been blogging since 1999 when Live Journal launched, have created and kept 8 blogs going for several years now, and I love every minute of the process. So what's different now?

I have joined the Blog Masters Club  a Master Mind of Professional Bloggers who are on a path of moving their blogs to a different level. Different in professionalism, content, and commitment.
I pledge to make this mission of giving voice to a new generation of Creative Entrepreneurs into a thriving support community of artists, artisans, and craftsmen where their lives and lifestyle businesses are honored, valued, and encouraged to prosper.
I can make this pledge to you because I know this is my life's work and my legacy. It is my gift back to the community that has allowed me to flourish and prosper as a self-employed Creative Entrepreneur for over 30 years. I am living my mission and my purpose. Helping you helps all...

Look for massive action and changes here on the blog, in the magazine, and on the radio talk show. Look for our community platform to be launched and the doors of Creative Entrepreneur University to be thrown open. Look for YOU... read more of our story by clicking here...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentines with a Heart...

Valentines for Haiti
Hand Painted Valentines...Make a Donation!

Billet Collins are offering Valentines with a support the help and rescue efforts in Haiti...100% of all proceeds go directly to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

Donation:  $10 for a set of six cards
While making our Valentines this year I had my mind on the disaster efforts in Haiti. There is so much devastation there that my donation seemed so small! But, I realized I had something to offer through my artwork so I made these cards for Haiti.

The design for the card was inspired by a traditional Haitian symbol for love which can be used for Valentine's Day, or simply as personal stationery. Each card is hand painted with Erzulie, the symbol of love, and printed on the back tells the story of how the donation for these cards will benefit the relief efforts in Haiti.
  from their newsletter
Not only will you make a $10 donation, you can also spread the word.  Each card includes a note that these were purchased as a donation for Haiti.

Order online at their blog or contact them directly at the studio.


About Billet Collins
Billet Collins is a full service decorative painting company with a boutique philosophy. Our portfolio includes glazes and patterns, murals and faux woodgraining, floor patterns and hand painted fabrics.

January Cover Artist...Artistically Speaking Magazine

Artistically Speaking Magazine proudly presents our January Cover Artist and Creative Entrepreneur:

Sean Crosby Master Decorative Artist reCreation

I am foremost a decorative painter, but my greatest joy lies in teaching the trade to anyone who wants to learn, and once in a while a painter who has taken a class with me will contact me to help on a job. One of the most interesting projects came to me through my friend Anita Medina, a gifted painter I met in one of my faux fresco classes. A client of Anita’s was interested in replicating the entire fresco cycle of the life of St. Peter, as depicted in the Brancacci Chapel. The “Cappella dei Brancacci" is a chapel in the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence. It is sometimes called the "Sistine Chapel of the early Renaissance."   read more

Sean was on Artistically Speaking Talk Show in December sharing his thoughts on this project, his life as a creative entrepreneur, and much more. click to listen

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

soft launch of Artistically Speaking Magazine...

You have been waiting for it....
You have been asking for it...
You have been hoping for a one-stop online resource...

xzbsbbgvawell it is finally here...

Artistically Speaking Magazine


Artistically Speaking dot com

Sister Sites Created by Artists for Artists!

Artistically Speaking, the brainchild collaboration of decorative artists Linda Cassels-Hofmann and Rebecca E. Parsons, melds two concepts together under one name...information and education!

Linda brings her passion to share information of our craft, co owner of Art Effects she created her website in the late 90's with a single how-to page and over the past decade the site has grown to be one of the most popular on the internet for information on faux finishing trompe l'oeil and murals. With the experience and knowledge she has gained through the development of her own site, she hopes to carry over to make your first stop for information on the decorative arts.

Rebecca, mentor and coach, brings a passion to help creative entrepreneurs succeed by creating a lifestyle business doing what they love. She offers the business knowledge of an award-winning creative entrepreneur with over 35 years experience...murals, graphic design, editing, writing, and teaching. Rebecca hopes to create a platform, with Artistically Speaking Magazine, to explore new ideas, techniques, and creative options while embracing the life and lifestyle of the creative entrepreneur.

The information and education provided by blending the Artistically Speaking Sister Sites promises to become the complete online resource for decorative artisans, faux finishers, muralists, artisans and craftsmen, designers, decorators, architects...any creative entrepreneur!

The mission is simply: Artisan helping artisan. Craftsman helping craftsman. Forging a bond that will perpetuate the artform while bridging artistry, craftsmanship, lifestyle, and business.

Artistically Speaking tagline reads: "Giving voice to a new generation of decorative artisans."
This will be accomplished with a unique mix of Internet resources, online magazine, and YOU!

Artistically Speaking Magazine will be updated daily with more articles, columns, streaming video, expert training, teleseminars, and much more. It is a truly interactive site where you can participate in the news by leaving comments and feedback, enter the contests, submit reviews,  talk to the columnists, exhibit your artwork, join the community and so much more. is evolving daily with information for the decorative painter, faux finishes, and muralist with new resources, a growing artisan directory, soon to be portfolio websites, and so much more. You will want to check back daily!