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February 7, 2010

Cabin Fever Procrastinator’s Party

Now until February 21st!!!

inspired by Melissa @ The Inspired Room


I know that many of us are suffering from a massive bout of cabin fever right now. We have an idea to make use of the time. The Magazine is sponsoring a Cabin Fever Procrastinator’s Party…let’s finish a project we have been trying to avoid for a while. Mine is an unfinished Chateau Chair I have had for several years a while now. I am going to French Countrify it.

To join the fun…Simply write your own post on your blog and link back within your post to this magazine. Sign up on the link list below, leaving your name and the link directly to your Cabin Fever Procrastinator’s Party post. Please make sure you read the rules…

Now, it is your turn. What are YOU going to work on? read more & join in the fun here

We are gaining listeners to the radio show all the time...Habitat magazine featured us recently as did Children Art Gallery

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