Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Caromal Colours Distressing for the DIYer

Melissa at The Inspired Room blog transformed an old secretary with a Caromal Colours Distressing Kit. This is the result:

Melissa says, "...this project took about four afternoons to complete (only spending about 2 hours or so on each day). It was a lot to paint, since I not only had to paint the outside of this piece but the inside of the pull down desk, has a lot of cubbies and things to paint.

This paint is not like any other paint I’ve used before. It is
very thick. The entire time I was painting I was SURE I was doing it wrong. You can really do it any way you want, stipple it on with a brush, brush it on, whatever works. I did more of a brush stroke but I think next time I will just “moosh” it on! The first coat will look messy no matter what you do, but that is OK! In the end, it all came together and looks like an old painted piece full of character."
photos and complete story can be found at The Inspired Room blog

Here is a video from Caromal Colours that shows a weekend kitchen cabinet makeover:

To order your own Caromal Colours paint kit and see what you can do with this line of products, visit Patty Henning's Fabulous Finishes blog.

Barnworn distressed finish samples that layer two colors

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