Monday, October 5, 2009

faux Venetian plaster finish...

This beautiful faux finish done with paint, not plaster, creates the timeworn look of aged Venetian plaster in minutes instead of centuries. You simply trowel on thin layers of semi-gloss paint (3-5 colors). For full directions and more photos visit Better Home & Gardens Paint Decor.

Note: All colors are Sherwin-Williams semigloss latex paint.

Deep Terra-Cotta
  • Raynard SW6348
  • Tassel SW6369
  • Anjou Pear SW6381

  • Composed SW6472
  • Shagreen SW6422
  • Jersey Cream SW6379

Pale Cream
  • Tassel SW6369
  • Anjou Pear SW6381
  • Jersey Cream SW6379

  • Use at least three colors for this technique, but, after that, you can use as many as you like.
  • Choose at least one pale hue, one medium hue, and one dark hue for this technique for richer results.
  • You don't have to prime over a previously painted wall. Instead, just work over it. When you're finished, you'll see hints of the original color, which will create more interest. If you are unhappy with the amount of color that shows through, just apply more paint.
  • Don't wipe excess paint off the trowel; the randomness of the application is what creates the illusion of depth.
  • Apply a final, lightly tinted antiquing glaze over the entire wall to add depth and unite the colors.


Carla J Schuchman said...

Glad to see this posted again. I saw it when it was posted in Paint Decor and made several samples. People loved them! Get for accent walls. It's a fun finish to do and can be done on a budget!

Venetian Plaster said...

Venetian Plaster confers the charming look of cleaned marble and characteristic stone to your ornamentation.