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Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference...

In Baltimore, MD this weekend October 21 - 24, 2009

The Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference

Where the Marketplace Meets

Choose from 65 seminars, workshops; architectural tours; keynotes and craftsmanship demonstrations in a four day event. Come for one day or all four. On Wed. there are day long special sessions on sustainability; historic tax credits; and doing business with the Federal Government. Other seminar topics will cover LEED for historic buildings; period interior design; window restoration; life cycle maintenance for historic facilities; old house restoration; plaster repair and sympathetic additions to traditional buildings.

Conference Location:
Baltimore Convention Center
One West Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

The Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference is the only national trade show and conference for professionals and entheusiaists who restore and renovate historic buildings and houses. The show’s Web site is a place where visitors can keep up to date on events planned for the next event, including seminars, workshops, architectural tours, technical training sessions, keynote addresses, and networking opportunities. The Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference features a wide offering of educational programs in preservation, restoration and renovation, traditionally inspired new construction, New Urbanism, classicism, modernism, and other related topics.

The exhibition also offers hundreds of hard-to-find products and services not available at any other event and, in the process, attracts 6,000 participants—architects, members of the building trades, old-house owners, preservationists, and others in the field.

Restore Media has a great collection of websites including:

Clem Labine's Traditional Building

For nearly 15 years, has been the premier gateway to information about the field of traditional building and design, containing targeted articles on restoration and renovation projects, new construction in period styles, architectural firms, cutting-edge topics, important news developments, and key product categories. Long the best in the business, its deep and rich database is also the place professionals begin their search for commercial and institutional products used in restoration, renovation, preservation, and historically inspired new construction. The site attracts more than 160,000 visitors and 500,000 page views each month.

Launched in 2001, is a serious tool for busy practitioners and serious-minded consumers interested in learning more about the field of residential restoration and renovation, as well as historically inspired new construction. It contains a treasure trove of articles on leading architectural firms, recent projects, topics of note to the field, significant news developments, and key product categories. With targeted product information on thousands of items and hundreds of suppliers, all indexed on the site, it's the place where architects, builders, interior designers, developers, and other professionals begin their search for period products of all kinds. The site attracts more than 70,000 visitors and nearly 180,000 page views each month.

Launched in the fall of 2006 and based on Traditional Building magazine's powerful publishing franchise, tradweb ( contains the most comprehensive collection of information about service providers in the field of building restoration and renovation, both commercial and residential.
Launched in early 2009, is a portal site packed with deep and rich information on both commercial and residential design and construction, everything from feature articles to product reviews to links to relevant Web sites. With 26 topics; hundreds of sub-topics; spot-on search tools; and data about more than 5,000 suppliers of building products, materials, and services, delivers targeted information to visitors looking for quick and accurate search results.

Traditional Product Reports

Launched in May of 2009, Traditional Product Reports is a micro site containing in-depth information on traditional building products and materials, including checklists, directories, buying guides, case studies, stories, articles, primers, installation tips, and other information, along with thousands of links to manufacturers, distributors, dealers, contractors, installers, and others in the field of traditional building and design; new monthly reports on featured product categories; and tools that let visitors search and browse product databases containing information on thousands of companies in the market.

Traditional Product Galleries

Launched in September 2009, Traditional Product Galleries is the latest addition to Restore Media’s robust network of Internet sites covering traditional design and construction. Organized in easy-to-search categories, it features thousands of items—in big, colorful photography—tailored to the requirements of restoration and renovation projects and new designs done in a period style—both residential and commercial. It also offers contact information for hundreds of companies in the traditional building and design market and provides ways for visitors to quickly connect with interesting suppliers.

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