Saturday, October 17, 2009

first episode of talk show...

Here it is...the first episode of artistically speaking radio has been broadcast!!!

I am really excited!!!! Listen as Rebecca walks you through the new magazine, talk show, and community for decorative artisans, faux finishers, muralists. You can hear it below...just click the arrow button. There is a blank air space in the middle for about 5 don't give up it resumes. Let me know how you like it!!


Arthur said...

Hi Rebecca,
There is a lot of interferance couldnt understand you

Jersey Girl said...

Congratulations on a wonderful idea that you've so beautifully set the stage!

Your speaking voice is very clear to understand but I fear that some guests may not be as clear and as Arthur mentioned above, it may be hard to understand moving forward. Close Captions would be awesome if available.

Thank you and to all participants that are working hard to enhance the exciting field of decorative art. I look forward and am excited to listen and learn with your audience about the many creative ways decorative art enhances our lives.


Susan Kolesar