Thursday, October 15, 2009

coming soon to artistically speaking magazine & radio...

We have a stellar group of world-class decorative artisans for our first year. Editor-in-Chief Rebecca E. Parsons is pleased to announce the following lineup of featured decorative artisans, faux finishers, muralists, and decorators who will grace the pages of Artistically Speaking Magazine and will appear on Artistically Speaking Radio talk show:

Premiere Issue - available on November 12, 2009: click name to visit their website

Issue 2
Yuri Villa

We are also pleased to welcome the following contributing editors and regular columnists:

Randy Cotita - In the Craftsmanship technique how-to
Lyna Farkas - Heart of Faux...decorative artists making a difference

Dan Gangler- Going explorations

John Kochanski - Inspirations...New Directions in Decorative Painting
Tamara Taylor - Art Beat...the pulse of the industry (school/event news)

Martin Riding - Safety First...creating a safe working environment

Rebecca E. Parsons - A Business You Love...Professional Practice Demystified
Dean Sickler - Palette Talk...exploring color
TBA - Designer's Eye...musings of an Interior Decorator
TBA - and product reviews

Stay Tuned...
Next week we will have a sneak preview of what's inside the pages of Artistically Speaking Magazine.

The first episode of Artistically Speaking Radio:

Date / Time: 10/17/2009 10:30 AM
Call-in Number: (347) 996-569

Join Rebecca as she walks you through the new magazine, talk show, and community for decorative artisans, faux finishers, muralists...called artistically speaking-giving voice to a new generation of decorative artisans... This show is interactive, so you can call in with questions. Join in the fun, lively conversation.

Date / Time: 10/24/2009 6:30 PM
Call-in Number: (347) 996-569

Master decorative painter Sean Crosby joins Rebecca for a lively discussion of decorative painting, life as an artist, teaching and so much more.

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